Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bush's Words: Music to My Ears - OK a few notes

Alternative energy technologies.."will help us to confront the serious challenge of global climate change."

Our president in tonight's State of the Union speech: called global climate change a SERIOUS challenge. Give up all you nay sayers of global climate change (also known by its scarier name "global warming"). Give it up Mr. Exxon, you too Mrs. Peabody Coal.

The writing is on the wall... there will be a national carbon tax of one type or another soon. Mr. Exxon and Mrs. Peabody and boy Ford... you better start rethinking how you do business.

Other musical notes included this: "We must continue changing the way America generates electric power - by even greater use of clean coal technology ... solar and wind energy ... and clean, safe nuclear power.

Ok, well two of the notes were sour: "clean coal" (an oxymoron) and "clean, safe nuclear power" (that is a double oxymoron?). At least he didn't call nuclear power “renewable” as the president has in the past (thank you Mr. Speech Writer).

But he mentioned "wind and solar energy"! That is music to my ears.

Who opened our President's eyes to solar power? Why none other than Stanford R. Ovshinsky - genius, old guy, hero of many, and founder of UniSolar (a.k.a. Energy Conversion Devices or Ovonics ECD). Rumor is that President Bush met with him about a year ago at UniSolar's Michigan solar plant, and Stanley told him about solar electric systems and how they could be on the roof of a home and generate its power needs. Bush loved it and he has spoken about it since. That was a home run, Mr. Ovshinsky, Thank you.

Sadly, President Bush did not say: it is time we put a limit on the amount of carbon dioxide the US emits. But hey, he has come a long way. Remember last year he announced that we are "addicted to oil". Maybe next year he'll admit that we need to do something serious about climate change.

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