Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Solar Hot Water Systems are Back IN!

The corner has been turned!

Solar hot water is now officially booming in Wisconsin. During the month June 2006 the Focus on Energy Renewable Energy program (focusonenergy.com) approved 95 Solar Hot Water System Cash Back Reward Applications. The poor image of solar hot water left over from the 1970's is fast disappearing.

This dwarfs the number of solar electric systems (nine), wind turbines (four) or biogas systems (two) approved during June.

The large number of approved solar hot water system is partly due to the fact the Focus on Energy incentive declined starting July 1.

One of the more fascinating developments is occurring in Madison at a lower income multifamily project (Troy Gardens) where:
1. Every unit was made solar ready
2. The condo purchasers were shown that the cost of the solar thermal system when included in their mortgage was less than their natural gas savings.
3. Last I heard every condo buyer decided to include solar water heating in their home.
Eighteen of the solar thermal systems approved in June were from the Troy Gardens project.

Remember, we are only at the start of the Solar Decade

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