Friday, March 24, 2006

Renewable Energy Innovation

I watched the tech boom with fascination: seeing companies go from zero to billions in months, seeing their products hit the market and our world change, and watching their stock prices explode (and for many crash).

A few years ago when I realized that the world needed an entirely new clean energy system, it occurred to me that we could see something like the tech's boom and innovation. Lets call it the "clean energy wave". It makes me feel very hopeful.

And here is one of the signs it is happening:

California Competition Courts Clean Energy Entrepreneurs
March 23, 2006

San Francisco, California [] Organizers announced the inaugural California Clean Tech Open, a competition that will gather entrepreneurs in September to vie for the nation's largest cash and service prize devoted to innovations that have a positive impact on the environment. Venture Capitol firms are backing the event partly as a way to identify new opportunities in clean and renewable energy.


Get in early in the "clean energy wave" - invest in and support clean energy companies now. Please don't invest or promote in the radioactive future, i.e., nuclear energy.

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