Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Natural Gas - pictures and Graphs

It takes a lot of natural gas to make fertilizers. And it takes alot of fertilizers to feed the world (after the green revolution).

As North American runs out of natural gas we will need to import it as liquified natural gas (LNG).

"As the technology of LNG liquefaction and shipping has improved, and as safety considerations have lessened, a major expansion of U.S. import capability appears to be under way. These movements bode well for widespread natural gas availability in North America in the years ahead."

Alan Greenspan 6/10/2003

This is where hurricanes go.

This is where the existing and planned LNG ports are.

This is what happens when hurricans hit offshore oil and gas facilities.
"... Katrina... destroyed 46 platforms and damaged 20 others. Rita... destroyed 69 platforms and damaged 32 others..."

"The storms’ combined fury... also damaged 183 pipelines, including 64 classified as major. As of Thursday, only 22 had been returned to service, the MSS (mineral management service) said."

"... at least one-sixth of the region’s normal daily oil production will still be off line at the start of next storm season..."

all quotes from ALAN SAYRE / The Associated Press, January 23, 2006

So perhaps you catch my drift. We need to begin using less natural gas, through efficiency, behavior change, solar thermal, buring biomass, buring biogas, ground sourced heat pumps, organic farming, etc.

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